We the Rajiyah’s are passionate about tea, and with over a century of experience that comes from our home island, formerly known as Ceylon which is rich in history and culture, Ceylon our teas has stood the test of time and is often referred to as the best tea in the world.

Our commitment towards organic cultivation and organic produce is instilled in our corporate philosophy and today we are an organization catering towards the modern age yet not forgetting the principles we were built upon and not forgetting the cultures and tradition which are an integral part of Sri Lanka.

Our basic principles have propelled us forward as we continue to evolve. Our quest for sourcing the best organic produce and creating unique blends and artisan teas resulted in T-Renuté, which embodies all that we love and have learned through the decades. Moving away from the norm, this new range of truly organic teas speaks to the body, mind and soul.

Our philosophy is simple - good for you and good for the planet, and we strive to maintain this delicate eco balance. Our products contain only organic ingredients certified to NOP and EU standards and are third party certifier approved. Additionally, since no harmful pesticides and chemicals are used in the growing of organic food, T-Renute teas do not harm the environment nor its flora and fauna, thus minimizing the carbon footprint. Ultimately we offer teas that are delicious, good for the body and for the environment. Our intricate and exquisite blends are carefully selected to inspire the mind, body and soul.

Our organic tea range encapsulates the initiatives of our core corporate principle in offering products that nurtures people and planet. Hence, come along, taste these wondrous fusions and surprise your senses with every sip!

T-Renute from
Renuka Teas Ceylon (pvt)Ltd
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Colombo 02 - Sri Lanka.
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