For us, organic is a way of life. Our farmers embrace the natural environment that exists in the planatation. Our land is enriched by rainwater, and we allow the ecosystem to control itself through natural balance, using bio-fertilizers. Our philosophy in preserving and sustaining our surroundings is an utmost priority. Mother Nature is the core of our organic products and its our turn to take care of her in whatever ways possible. It's well understood that in today's world we are destroying more than what we can build; deforestation and pollution is taking a toll on the delicate bio diversity surrounding us, the life which supports us. We are caught in this vicious cycle and always ensure that we are not part of this unwanted destruction.

It is nature itself that makes our tea special. T-Renute Bio Organic values this above all else.

Organic Farming and us

Organic farming in Sri Lanka has been etched in history for more than two millenia. Historical data on Sri Lankan agriculture shows that our forefathers have been pioneers in organic farming, even though organic became a trend only in the new millennium.

Our family has been practicing organic farming since the 1980's. Together with our organizations foray into value added organic products, and our experience in managing Sri Lanka's largest intercropped organic farm, we are very much aware of the importance of organic cultivation and our responsibility towards nature.

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